Live production means that everything happens real-time, as your event unfolds! We can switch between multiple cameras, mix dozens of audio tracks, generate real-time graphics, playout video and queue instant replays.

Why go live with Popeye Media on your next project? We've got the gear and experience to tackle a wide range of live production scenarios. 

  • Keynotes, conferences and seminars
  • Concerts and musical performances
  • Sporting events (indoor, outdoor, large or small)
  • Weddings and ceremonies

Live streaming, also known as webcasting, gives you the capability to reach a global audience with your content and provide new opportunities for your business. We believe that live streaming is best served with team of experienced video professionals to back it up. That’s why we handle all the technicalities and provide top notch production, so you can focus on what you do best.

However, streaming isn’t required – we can simply record. This can enable you to save on post-production costs while providing a higher quality end result. Immediately following the event, we’ll provide you a high quality master recording, as well as a web ready file.

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Custom Stream Delivery

If a typical video platform doesn’t meet your needs out of the box, just ask – and we can roll a custom solution! This may include:

  • Website integration
  • Custom advertising control
  • Video player skins
  • DVR functionality
  • Closed captioning
  • Multiple streams
  • Multiple languages
  • Viewer interactivity

ISO Recording

If you need to take things further, we’ll record every single video and audio source individually to allow for full flexibility of re-editing and re-mixing in post-production. We can provide post-production services or deliver the files for your professional video editor.

  • Original camera files
  • CG/media server recording
  • Raw audio stems
  • EDL of live cuts


With IMAG, we can send cameras, graphics, videos and presentations onto TV’s or projector screens at your event.

  • Low latency (delay)
  • Real time picture in picture and animation effects
  • Edge blending for large seamless screens with multiple projectors
  • Projection mapping: project your content onto unique surfaces or stage pieces